Fighters (other than X-wings)

The 181st over Brentaal IV (from "In the Empire's Service")

A Chiss starfighter (clawcraft),
as seen in
"Vison of the Future" and the NJO
(from the Star Wars Gamer #5,
artist: Jeff Carlisle)

another picture of a Chiss Clawcraft
(from the SW Gamer #7,
artist: Marc Sasso)
Chiss Clwcraft
(from the Japanese cover of "NJO:Dark Journey", artist:Tsuyoshi Nagano)

TIE Defender (from the "Star Wars Magazin" #18,
layout: Thomas Ganshorn)
"Hawkbats" with TIE Fighters and Interceptors
(from the cover of "Iron Fist", artist: Paul Youll (?))

A-wing (from the cover of "Wraith Squadron",
artist: Paul Youll (?))
(from a poster in "Star Wars Magazin" #2, artist unknown)

TIE Interceptor and Star Destroyer
(from the Japanese cover of "NJO:Remnant", artist:Tsuyoshi Nagano)
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