Capital Ships

Star Destroyer (from the cover of "The Last Command"
(comic version), artist: Mathieu Lauffray)
The "Errant Venture" (from "Union",
artists: Robert Teranishi & Chris Chuckry)

The "Pulsar Skate" (from "The Phantom Affair")

Biggs and Hobbie defect with the Rand Ecliptic
(from "The Making of Baron Fel")
The Rand Ecliptic
(from "The Making of Baron Fel")

Hapan Battle Dragons (together with Chiss Clawcraft and an X-wing)
(from the Japanese cover of "NJO: Dark Journey", artist: Tsuyoshi Nagano)

Battle (from the cover of "Star by Star", artist: Cliff Nielsen)

"Millenium Falsehood" and Tycho's X-wing
(from the cover of "Solo Command",
artist: Paul Youll (?))

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