Name: Derek Klivian

Nickname: Hobbie

Sex: male

Race: human

Hair color: ash blond (note: in SoA his hair is mistakenly
described as dark)

Eye color: blue

Height: ca. 1.75 m (5'9'')

Homeplanet: Ralltiir

Hometown: unknown

Hobbie Klivian
picture taken from the "Rogue Squadron Handbook"

Birthyear: 21 or 20 BBY (note: Tycho calls him "Junior" in TWP (while teasing him), so I suppose he is at least a little bit younger than Tycho; on the other hand the two were in the same class at the Imperial military academy, so I guess Hobbie isn't much younger than Tycho)

Birthplace: unknown, probably Ralltiir

Family: there is no information available about his family

Relationships: none that we know of

Children: none

Curriculum Vitae

ca. 21/20 BBY born on (probably) Ralltiir

ca. 2.5 BBY leaves Ralltiir and begins his training at the Imperial Naval Academy on
Prefsbelt IV

ca. 0.5 BBY graduates from the academy and is assigned to the Rand Ecliptic; soon afterwards he and Biggs Darklighter lead a mutiny onboard and defect to the Rebel Alliance

bt. 0 and 3 ABY joins Rogue Squadron (note: after the Battle of Yavin, but before the Battle of Hoth; probably very soon after the foundation of RS around 0.5 ABY)

3 ABY fights in the Battle of Hoth as a pilot in Rogue Squadron; he is badly wounded and barely survives

4 ABY fights in the Battle of Endor; no specifics known

4 to 4.6 ABY takes part in several missions with the Rogues; he is a close friend of Wes Janson

ca. 5.5 ABY Rogue Squadron is disbanded

bt. 4.6 and 6.5 ABY he and Wes Janson are reassigned to train new X-wing squadrons (note: probably following the disbandment of RS 5.5 ABY; in "Rogue Squadron" (6.5 ABY) Wedge says "I didn't want to lose them, but that was a battle I lost a long time ago"); he is promoted to lieutenant (note: he is no lieutenant during the comics (before 4.6 ABY), but at the beginning of "Rogue Squadron" (6.5 ABY); it makes most sense for his promotion to take place before he is sent to train new squadrons)

until ca. 7.1 ABY he and Wes train three squadrons, "Corsair", "Gauntlet", and "Talon Squadron" under the command of Myn Donos

ca. 7.1 to 7.3 ABY acts as the commanding officer of an ersatz Rogue Squadron while the real RS fights its private war against Isard

ca. 7.3 to 7.8 ABY serves as Rogue Squadron's second-in-command under Tycho Celchu while Wedge establishes Wraith Squadron; RS takes part in the campaign against Zsinj

ca. 7.8 to 20 ABY member of Rogue Squadron

ca. 9 to 9.5 ABY several missions with the Rogues during the Thrawn crisis

ca. 9.5 ABY Rogue Squadron finally locates the remaining Lusankya prisoners and frees them

bt. 9.5 and 12 ABY promotion to major

ca. 12/13 ABY accompanies Wedge on a diplomatic mission to Adumar

bt. 20 and 25 ABY retires from active duty (note: in "Union" (20 ABY) he apparently still is with RS, at the beginning of the YV crisis ("Onslaught", 25 ABY) he is retired)

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