Name: Iella Wessiri

Sex: female

Race: human

Hair color: light brown (note: in SoA her hair is described as dark blond, and in the comics it is also blond to dark blond; so either it is a very light brown, or she dyes it)

Eye color: brown

Height: ca. 1.70 m (5'7'') (note: just a guess, as she looks a bit taller than Corran in the comic "Blood and Honor")

Iella Wessiri
picture taken from "Union"

Homeplanet: Corellia

Hometown: Coronet City

Birthyear: 20 BBY (???) (note: I couldn't find any information on her age yet; I always imagined her to be a bit older than Corran)

Birthplace: probably Corellia (note: there is no indication that she was born elsewhere)

Family: there is no information about her parents and siblings


· from ??? until Diric's death 7 ABY she is married with Diric Wessiri (who's also from Corellia and about 20 years older than Iella)

· from 12 ABY on she has a relationship with Wedge Antilles; they probably marry not much later

Children: two daughters, Syal (born ca. 16 ABY) and Myri (born ca. 18 ABY) (note: in "Rebel Dream" (27 ABY) Syal is estimated to be no older than 10, but I think she looks older than 3 in "Union", so I settled for a compromise; Myri's age I guessed solely from the pictures in "Union")

Curriculum Vitae

?? BBY born on Corellia

ca. ??-5 ABY works as a CorSec officer; most of the time with Corran Horn as her partner

ca. 4.5 ABY while she and Corran investigate the kidnapping of a nephew of Soontir Fel, they meet Wes Janson, Hobbie Klivian, and Plour Ilo who are searching for Fel's wife; though Corran and Iella suspect the three others to be Rebels, they work together

ca. 5 ABY is forced to leave CorSec due to problems with CorSec's Imperial liaison officer Kirtan Loor; together with Gil Bastra, Corran Horn, and Diric she flees Corellia; she and Diric assume new identities on Coruscant

ca. 6 ABY Diric is picked up in an Imperial sweep on Coruscant; Iella decides to contact the Alliance and joins the Rebellion

7 ABY works as an agent for the New Republic on Coruscant and aids Rogue Squadron during the conquest of the planet; afterwards she is reunited with her husband Diric she believed to be dead

7.1 ABY works for prosecutor Halla Ettyk in the trial against Tycho Celchu; when she protects the witness Kirtan Loor, she is forced to kill Diric who has been turned into one of Ysanne Isard's puppets on Lusankya

ca. 9.5 ABY helps to uncover Ysanne Isard's plan to steal the SSD Lusankya; she shoots Isard during a confrontation on board

bt. 12 and 13 ABY for about six months she works as an NR Intelligence agent on the planet Adumar, disguised as a code slicer; there she meets Wedge again

bt. 13 and 16 ABY marries Wedge Antilles (note: after Adumar, but probably before Syal was born)

ca. 16 ABY her daughter Syal is born

ca. 18 ABY her daughter Myri is born

27 ABY flees Coruscant with her daughters and joins Wedge on Borleais; there she works as head of intelligence

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