Name: Wedge Antilles

Sex: male

Race: human

Hair color: brown

Eye color: brown (note: sometimes they are said to be green, and according to the NEGtC they are hazel)

Height: 1.70 m (5'7'')

Homeplanet: Corellia

Hometown: he lived half of the year with his parents on the Gus Treta Station in the Corellian system, the other half he went to a farm school on Corellia's northern continent

Birthyear: 20 BBY

Wedge Antilles
picture taken from the Japanese cover of "NJO: Rebel Dream" (artist: Tsuyoshi Nagano)

Birthplace: probably Corellia (note: there is no indication that he was born elsewhere)

Father: Jagged Antilles, owner of a fueling station on Gus Treta, dies 4 BBY when pirates set the station on fire

Mother: Zena Antilles, dies together with her husband 4 BBY

Siblings: one older sister Syal Antilles, born 30 BBY, who runs away from home around 13 BBY; she becomes a famous actress known as Wynssa Starflare and marries Soontir Fel


· from 9 to 12 ABY he has a relationship with the ex-Imperial scientist Qwi Xu

· 12/13 ABY he starts a relationship with Iella Wessiri; they marry not much later

Children: two daughters, Syal (born ca. 16 ABY) and Myri (born ca. 18 ABY) (note: in "Rebel Dream" (27 ABY) Syal is estimated to be no older than 10, but I think she looks older than 3 in "Union", so I settled for a compromise; Myri's age I guessed from the pictures in "Union")

Curriculum Vitae

20 BBY born on Corellia

13 BBY his sister Syal leaves home

4 BBY his parents are killed when pirates under the command of Loka Hask intentionally set their fueling station on fire; soon afterwards Wedge borrows a Headhunter from Booster Terrik and destroys the pirate's ship; unknown to him, Loka Hask escapes alive, but crippled

4-3 BBY buys a freighter and tries to start an honest business, but is soon forced into smuggling; smuggles weapons for the rebellion

ca. 3 BBY joins the Rebellion as a fighter pilot

0 flies as Red Two an X-wing in the Battle of Yavin; he saves Luke Skywalker's life, later, when his fighter get badly damaged, he is ordered by Luke to abandon the Trench Run; he's one of only three Rebel pilots to survive the battle

ca. 0.5 ABY Rogue Squadron is founded (note: shortly after the Battle of Yavin according to the NEGtC); Luke and Wedge are the co-founders of the squadron and two of its first pilots

3 ABY fights in the Battle of Hoth as a pilot in Rogue Squadron

3.5 ABY is in command of Rogue Squadron; during the battle of Gall he temporarily gives back the command to Luke Skywalker

4 ABY leads Red Flight in the Battle of Endor; he enters the Death Star and fires a proton torpedo into a power coupling(?); his and Lando Calrissian's shots cause the destruction of the second Death Star; shortly after the battle he discovers an Imperial message with a distress call from the planet Bakura that is under attack by alien invaders

4 to 4.1 ABY mission to Bakura

ca 4.2 ABY meets Loka Hask on Mrllst; Hask dies soon afterwards

4.2 to 4.6 ABY several missions with the Rogues; he is a captain and RS's CO

ca. 5.5 ABY is promoted to commander; Rogue Squadron is disbanded (note: in the NEGtC it is stated that Rogue Squadron was temporarily disbanded approximately one and a half years after the Battle of Endor and that Wedge was promoted to commander at the same time; Wedge says in RS that the decision to recreate Rogue Squadron was also made around 5.5 ABY)

ca. 5.5 to 6.3 ABY is on diplomatic missions for the New Republic (note: at 6.5 ABY RS's roster is already decided upon, so I suppose the evaluation of the pilots started several weeks before)

6.5 ABY Rogues Squadron is reestablished with new pilots and Wedge as its commanding officer

7 ABY takes part in the conquest of Coruscant

ca. 7.1 to 7.3 ABY after their mass resignation he leads the former Rogue Squadron in a private war against Ysanne Isard; he then returnes to active duty along with the rest of the squadron

ca. 7.3 to 7.8 ABY founds a new squadron -- Wraith Squadron -- with pilots who are wanted by no other squadron because of various reasons; WS stands its test in the war against Warlord Zsinj and is afterwards converted to an intelligence unit; Wedge returns to Rogue Squadron

ca. 9 to 9.5 ABY the Thrawn crisis; he accompanies Luke, Leia and Han to Bpfassh and commands RS during several missions and battles in the fight against Grand Admiral Thrawn

9.5 ABY finally accepts a promotion to general; Rogue Squadron finally locates the remaining Lusankya prisoners and frees them

ca. 10 to 11 ABY leaves Rogues Squadron; he commands the captured star destroyers Liberator and Emancipator alongside General Clarission (note: Dark Empire comics)

ca. 11 ABY supervises the reconstruction of Coruscant after the destructions caused by the Reborn Emperor

bt. 11 and 12 ABY is reassigned to the SSD Lusankya (note: Crimson Empire comics)

bt. 12 and 13 ABY leads a diplomatic mission to Adumar

ca. 13 ABY marries Iella Wessiri (note: a few months after the Adumar mission, according to the NEGtC)

ca. 16 ABY his daughter Syal is born

ca. 18 ABY his daughter Myri is born

19 ABY Wedge has returned to Rogue Squadron as the commanding officer (note: this happened after the Adumar mission (12/13 ABY), but I've no idea when exactly he returned to his old squadron and why)

ca. 20 ABY retires from active duty (note: after the peace treaty, but in "Union" (20 ABY) he still is on active duty ("As a general of the New Republic...") )

25 ABY returns to Rogue Squadron as an adviser in the war against the Yuuzhan Vong

27 ABY commands a NR fleet group during the battle of Coruscant; he reconquers Borleias from the YV

27 ABY is among the founding members of a new resistance movement

ca. 27.5 ABY loses the Battle of Borleias, but the reconquest of the planet comes at a very high price for the Yuuzhan Vong

around 27.7 ABY organizes the defense of Kuat and the establishment of resistance cells

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