Name: Jagged Fel

Sex: male

Race: human

Hair color: black (with a lock of white hair lining a scar running from his right eyebrow upward)

Eye color: green

Height: about 5'10'' (1.77 m) (note: he's about Kyp's height (mentioned in "Dark Journey"), and according to the SW database Kyp is 1.77 m or 5'10'')

Homeplanet: Nirauan (note: in 'Remnant' it is stated that he used to live on Csilla, the Chiss capital, for at least some time before he joined the military; I find that hard to believe as his father is a member of Thrawn's private forces which (at least at the time of VotF, 19 ABY) have no official contact to the Chiss government)

Hometown: 'Hand of Thrawn' base

picture taken from the Japanese cover of "NJO: Refugee" (artist: Tsuyoshi Nagano)

Birthyear: 7 ABY

Birthplace: unknown planet in Chiss Territory/Unknown Regions, possibly Nirauan


  • his mother is Syal Antilles, better known as Wynnsa Starflare, the sister of Wedge Antilles
  • his father is Soontir Fel
  • he has two older brothers, two younger sisters, and one younger brother (note: please read my remarks about the Fel children at Soontir Fel's profile)

Relationships: he's in love with Jaina Solo from 25.5 ABY on (though their relationships has many ups and downs) and eventually marries her 43 ABY

Children: none so far

Curriculum Vitae

7 ABY born, probably on Nirauan

ca. 19 to 21 ABY attends a Chiss military academy (note: he's already at the academy during Thrawn's supposed return ("Specter of the Past", "Vision of the Future" (19 ABY)), mentioned in the short story "Red Sky, Blue Flame" by Elaine Cunningham; the short story is supposed to take place shortly after the 'Hand of Thrawn' was discovered by Luke and Mara (that would be around 19/20 ABY), on the other hand Jag is said to be 14 at that time (which places the story at 21 ABY, as Jag's birthyear is confirmed to be 7 ABY in several books); whenever it actually takes place, Jag is still at the academy at that time (and has the rank of lieutenant))

ca. 22 to 23.5 ABY serves as a pilot in Syndic Mitth'raw'nuruodo's household phalanx

bt. 22 and 25.5 ABY his brother Davin and his sister Cherith are killed in action (note: both are dead at the time of "Ruin" (ca. 25.5 ABY); in "Dark Journey" it is mentioned that his brother was about Jag's age (20 at the time of DJ) when he died and that Cherith was even younger; as she was KIA, I don't think that she died before 22 ABY (at that time she would have been no older than 14)); in RSBF (ca. 20/21 ABY) Jag's brother is said to be dead, but according to Wookiepedia Davin must have died approx. 22 ABY (see my remarks at Soontir Fel's profile))

ca. 23.5 ABY becomes the commander of Spike Squadron (note: in "Ruin" he says that he took command of his squadron two years ago)

bt. 23.5 and 25.5 ABY promotion to colonel (note: I guess he was promoted to colonel when he took command of his squadron, but it might have happened later)

ca. 25.5 ABY his father sends him with two/three squadrons to support the joined New Republic/Imperial forces in their fight against the Yuuzhan Vong; he fights at Garqi and Ithor (note: in "Ruin" 36 clawcrafts (three squadrons) are mentioned, while in "Dark Journey" it is said that it were only 24 clawcrafts/two squadrons)

ca. 26 ABY he and his squadrons are recalled to the Unknown Regions (note: at the beginning of "Balance Point", a Chiss clawcraft flying with Rogue Squadron is mentioned; in "Dark Journey" General Fel says that the two Chiss squadrons wouldn't have made a difference at Duro (which is conquered by the YV at the end of BP))

ca. 27 ABY accompanied by his second-in-command, Shawnkyr Nuruodo, he returns to the war between the Yuuzhan Vong and the New Republic as a scout

ca. 27 ABY commands the fighters defending Hapes against the Yuuzhan Vong

ca. 27.3 ABY joins the NR forces defending Borleias and becomes a pilot in Jaina Solo's experimental Twin Suns Squadron

ca. 27.5 ABY when Shawnkyr Nuruodo decides that their mission's goal is accomplished and they should return home Jag refuses and stays with the New Republic forces

ca. 27.6 ABY after the battle of Borleias Jag becomes the commander of a new squadron, consisting of six former Twin Suns Squadron pilots and six rookies; his squadron is sent to the Hydian Way to clear the area of enemies; his squadron takes part in the assault of Ylesia (note: in DW and Ylesia all pilots of Jag's squadron fly Chiss clawcraft, and at least some of them are said to be Chiss; but as there is no indication that he's received backup forces from home, I think that it is a mistake made by WJW; there should be no Chiss at all in his squadron as Nuruodo had planned to leave after Borleias -> see note below)

ca. 28.3 ABY half of Jag's Chiss squadron and half of Jaina's Twin Sun squadron are combined (with Jag and Jaina both leading the squadron) to accompany Han and Leia on their mission to reestablish ccommunications with planets to which contact has been lost during the war with the YV; their first stop is Galantos in the Koornacht Cluster, the next one Bakura (note: in 'Remnant' it is stated that the Chiss squadron Jag is all of a sudden leading again was sent to the NR on a fact-finding mission and that it was Jag's decision to have them join the fight against the YV; while the books still are not fully consistent in that matter, it seems that a Chiss squadron joined Jag sometime after Borleias but before the events of DW; in 'Remnant' it is also stated that Shawnkyr Nuruodo left after the battle of Ebaq 9 (ca. 28 ABY); either she left later than she had planned, or she had returned (possibly with the backup forces) in the meantime; in 'Refugee' Wyn Fel says that Jag and his squadron were supposed to return to Chiss space months ago and that he hadn't reported in as he was supposed to (to the Chiss' dislike))

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