Name: Lara Notsil

Other names: her real name is Gara Petothel; after 7.5 ABY she chooses to go under the name Kirney Slane

Sex: female

Race: human

Hair color: white-blond (Gara's hair was black, and as Kirney she dyed it red) (note: I'm not quite sure what her real hair color is; she isn't used to it being blond (as she says in the beginning of IF), and in WS she mentiones that her hair used to be black, so I suppose black is its original color)

Eye color: ??

Height: ??

Homeplanet: Coruscant

Hometown: Coruscant

Birthyear: ?? BBY

Birthplace: Coruscant

Father: Dalls Petothel, Imperial Intelligence agent, executed for treason ?? BBY

Mother: Edallia Monotheer, born ca. 43 BBY, actress, Imperial Intelligence agent, executed for treason ?? BBY

Siblings: none

Relationships: during their time with Wraith Squadron Myn Donos falls in love with her and she with him; after her flight from WS and later from Zsinj and after she has assumed the identy of Kirney Slane, she contacts him again; they resume their relationship (confirmed in "Mercy Kill")

Children: at least two, but probably more (Kirney says "all our children are alive" in "Mery Kill" which suggests to me that she and Myn have more than two, otherwise she would have said "both our children", I think, but maybe I'm overinterpreting it)

Curriculum Vitae

?? BBY born on Coruscant

ca. 8 BBY starts to train as an Intelligence agent (note: in "Iron Fist" it is said 'And the last fifteen years of Gara Pethothel's life closed in around Lara Notsil like a coffin.' I'm not completely sure about the meaning of this, but I think that the fifteen years mark the time Gara spent as an Imperial Intelligence agent)

?? BBY her parents are executed for treason (unjustified)

?? BBY/ABY in her first practice role she is Kirney Slane, a Coruscant student of economics (note: I guess she was about 18 at that time)

around 7 ABY works as communications officer Chyan Mezzine on the New Republic frigate Mother Sea, first as an undercover agent for Imperial Intelligence, then for Admiral Trigit

ca. 7.2 ABY after the death of Ysanne Isard and her direct controller, she gets in touch with Apwar Trigit and works for him, providing him with data that enables him to lure "Talon Squadron" into a trap and destroy almost the entire squadron

ca. 7.3 to 7.5 ABY works as data analyst on Admiral Trigit's ISD Implacable, using her real name; she has the rank of lieutenant

ca. 7.5 ABY when Trigit decides to destroy the Implacable with all crew onboard, Gara leaves his service; she warns the crew about the destruction of the ship and tells the NR forces where they can find (and kill) Trigit; she leaves the Implacable in the disguise of Lara Notsil, pretending to have been Trigit's unwilling mistress; she is rescued by the NR and brought to Coruscant

ca. 7.5 ABY when Face Loran and Ton Phanan ask her to attend the NR pilot training in order to act as bait for Colonel Repness, who once tried to blackmail Tyria Sarkin into stealing an X-wing for him, she agrees on the condition that Wedge Antilles promises to consider her for one of his squadrons afterwards; this way she hopes to become especially valuable to Warlord Zsinj

ca. 7.6 ABY after providing NR Intelligence with proof of Repness' illegal activities, she completes her pilot training and transfers to Wraith Squadron

ca. 7.6 ABY just when she has decided to truly join the NR and remain Lara Notsil, Zsinj contacts her; accompanied by Myn Donos, she meets her contacts on Aldivy and kills them

ca. 7.7 ABY when Face learns about her true identity and Myn tries to kill her, she is forced to flee from Wraith Squadron; she offers her services to Warlord Zsinj, but secretly continues to work for the New Republic

ca. 7.8 ABY helps Han Solo's task force to beat Warlord Zsinj; she frees several creatures abused by Zsinj; she saves Tycho's and Wedge's lifes when they are lured into a trap; Wedge reports back to the NR that she died during that fight

ca. 7.8 ABY starts a shuttle business on Corellia under the name of Kirney Slane; she contacts Myn and tells him about it

ca. 44 ABY together with Myn she still runs a shuttle service on Corellia, Donoslane Excursions, which she describes as very profitable; she flies a shuttle on a rescue mission for the new, unofficial Wraith Squadron (organized by Wedge)

There is no further information about her available yet.

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