Rogue Squadron: All Alone in the Night

Planning for a Rogue Squadron TV Series

official website: (not online in the moment)

Guideline for the authors:

- first version


Season Timeline: 

- first version (duration: six months)

- second version (duration: ten months = one year)

Outlines of various episodes:

The episodes are in the same order as in the second version of the season timeline above. This is in no way final, but as there usually is no title available, I had to use something to name them.

- general outline

- Episodes 101, 102, 106, 110, 121, 122 (Andrew)

- Episodes 103, 111, 112, 119 (Petra)

- Episode 105 (Majick)

- Episodes 115, 116 (Iris)

- ideas for additional episodes (various authors)

Plot Ideas (not connected to specific episodes):

- various plot ideas

- ideas for a reoccuring story element


- Wedge Antilles, Tycho Celchu, Wes Janson, Hobbie Klivian

- Gavin Darklighter, Asyr Sei'lar, Corran Horn, Ooryl Qrygg, Inyri Forge

- Myn Donos, Nawara Ven, Ran Kether, Koobis Nu, Pedna Scotian


- Tantive V


- excerpt from the "Essential Chronology" (timeperiod: around 8 ABY)

- other suggestions